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Binary Search

Finding That Needle in a (Logarithmic) Haystack

20 min read

Iterative Binary Tree Traversals

Left -> Root -> Right, right ?

7 min read

Configure Nginx Proxy Manager with Bitwarden

Create Domain Records to Point to your Home Server on Google Using Nginx Progy Manager

5 min read

Understanding Push Sum and Gossip Protocols

Its called Gossip, Woody

5 min read

Guide to Hacktoberfest and winning a free T-Shirt

Want to know how to get some cool swag ?

4 min read

Passwords, 2FA, and Yubikeys

You bought a yubikey - now what?

2 min read

My Journey on learning F#

I am going to blog about what I learn here. This blog acts as notes for me to look back on

3 min read

Inside Amazon

What it's like to intern at a top tech company

4 min read

Configure Google domain to heroku

Step by step tutorial to configure google domain in heroku

2 min read